Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Turning Tubes...

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For the longest time I avoided patterns that required turning long, narrow, tubes of fabric.  Sashes made me sweat and I had more than a few nightmares while turning skinny straps. 

Then I discovered tube turners!  

Where had they been all my life?  These simple little tools are wonder workers.  Now, tubes are fun.  Did I say that?  Yes....I did.  TUBES ARE FUN!

First, here's a great little YouTube demo...

I give it "two thumbs up"!

And here's where you can find them...

 I purchased the smaller sizes and made my own larger ones, using PVC pipe and wooden dowels.  

You will not know how you lived without them!!!
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  1. Wow thanks! Did not even know these existed until a couple days ago and now I know how it works :)

    1. Hi Karla,
      I've been sewing my whole life and only found these a couple of years ago. They are awesome!

  2. I just spent an evening turning through 8 skinny little straps and it was AWFUL. THANK YOU

  3. OMG. How awesome. I hate making casings and tubes and straps and like you, I avoid anything that has a skinny strap or tube making that is pain to work with in turning. Thanks for sharing this amazing gadget. I am gonna have to run out and grab a set of these for myself for Christmas. :) And I like the idea of the pvc pipe for larger tube turning gadget. very neat idea.

  4. I absolutely Love these, Thank You!!! These are going or I should say are making my life easier now!


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