Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Patterns in the works...sneak peek!

Pin It Heading for a new year, I've decided to do what I always do this time of the year - get organized.  I'm already a pretty organized person as far as "stuff" goes.  I'm not a (hoarder) collector.  I'm not even a keeper of things I already have.  If I get something new, it must mean I needed to replace something old.  So, out with the old and I don't feel a thing!

All my craft/sewing stuff is organized, with cubbies and baskets - everything has a place and (almost) everything is in it.

It's my creative juices that need some serious work.  As soon as typed those words I realized what the problem was - ever try to arrange a "juice"?  That's it in a nut shell and I'm the nut shell.

It isn't a lack of ideas that gets me.  It's that I have too many ideas.  Crazy random ideas. On a good day, I'm bombarded with random ideas. Like most creative people, though, my juices come and go, change gears in midstream and, sometimes, don't even show up for work.

Another problem we have (I'm assuming I'm talking about you, too.  You're creative or you wouldn't be reading this blog ~:O) is staying on task.  I have to work on what I'm in the mood to work on or it's just a big fat waste of time.

I have 157 sketches for new patterns.  Yes, ladies...1.5.7. and I'm adding more everyday. I counted them and organized them. (I'll have to blog about how I'm doing that sometime) There are ideas for boys, babies, ladies and accessories as well as the center of my attention now, girls.  Of course, not all of them will make the cut but I feel like at least half are worth doing.  If I live to be 100. 

So, after spending the day looking at my Ruby Jean projects to see where I stand, I have discovered, for one thing, that I have 9 patterns in the works - all in different stages of completion, but all pretty far along.  That's 8 too many.  Good grief.  I know I should approach this job one pattern at a time but that's just not me.  That's the "changing gears in midstream" part.  I do think that putting them on a list will help me check them off.

I thought you might like to see so here they are.  Obviously, in no particular order...

1. Forget-Me-Knot Dress - This dress just needs a little work on the instructions and to be tested.  I wanted something a little different in a knot dress.  A "Knot cho Mama's Knot Dress".  I'm excited about this one.  I pushed it ahead of several other projects because I was in the mood.  See how this works?

2. Game Day Coat - I started this one at the beginning of Football season and I'm still not done with it! The instructions are done, the pattern needs a little work and I want to make a sample of girls...

 3. Winter Berry Dress - I'm a ways from having this one done but because it's for winter, I need to push it and the coat to the top of the list.

4. Flutter-by Top - this pattern has been drawn but I made so many changes to the original pattern, I really shouldn't show these pictures.

5. Eloise Dress - Some really smart FB follower gave me the name for this one. (I owe you the pattern if you're reading this) I love this dress.  It's with a photographer right now. A little work on the pattern and it's good to go!

6. Dorothy Ann Dress - I think all I need to do to get this one listed is put it all together! What is wrong with me???

7. Cosette Collar Dress - It's still in the fitting stages but enough finished on it to mention it. There are some really cool construction ideas with this one making it as easy as a pillowcase dress. It will have at least 2 collar options.

(I can't find the picture - Oh, no!)

8.  Berry Pie Dress - This dress was based on the Annie pattern.  The lining was sewn to the wrong side of the dress and flipped to the right side to give it a faux bodice.  Super easy, unique construction ideas!  It's done - just have to put it all together and get it out!!!

9. I'm gettin' there. Photoshopped buttons...that's not a good sign...

I also need to add the bigger sizes for the Suzie Q dress.  Soon. I promise. The directions are the same as the smaller sizes so it just a matter of finishing the pattern.

There are a few other things on my list for the New Year.

I want to do a blog series on pattern making, for one.  That's a big one and I'm no expert but I thought it might be nice to share some things I've learned along the way.

I'm considering adding paper patterns so I need to research my tail off to figure that one out.

I need to work on the marketing part of this business even though it's not my thing and I don't think it ever will be.

A survey is in the works.  I want to know stuff and you all have the answers.  I want to know your preferences...zippers, buttonholes, button loops, etc.?   If I do add paper patterns, I think I'll want to change from photographing instructions (don't panic) to illustrations.  I'm curious as to what you type in on Etsy to search for patterns.  Stuff like that. I need to pick me some brain...

So, it was a day well spent.  I feel better (if not totally overwhelmed) just making a list...

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  1. oo the eloise dress is SOO adorable!! love seeing all these sneak peeks!

  2. Love all of these! Can't wait for the knot dress!

  3. Question -- you say that your patterns can be used for in-home seamstresses who can sell a limited quantity. What would that be? I am trying to motivate myself to sell some little girl dresses, probably on Etsy, and you really motivate me with your creativity and dresses! (and I SO relate to your stopping and starting projects.) I'm very glad to give you credit for the pattern(s).


    1. Sure you're welcome to sell from any of my patterns - just as long as they're not mass produced. That's it! You're good to do it!

  4. I still have not received the patterns I won in a give away from November I have emailed and still no response

    1. Hi mrsthomas!
      I'm so sorry if I let you slip through the cracks! Please email me at and I'll fix you up!!!

  5. LOVE THE DOROTHY ANN DRESS....LIST IT! List it! List it!!!!


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