Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Dog Silhouette Pillow on the Cheap and Easy

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Here is a dog silhouette pillow I made similar to those I've seen in decorating magazines. 

My pillow was super quick and easy to make using a painters drop cloth and permanent markers. 
I'll show you how but, Jack.  
Fifteen pounds of completely adorable,
totally out-of-control dog flesh.  

It was much easier to find a dog silhouette by googling "dog silhouette pictures"  than to get Jack to sit for a picture.  I enlarged the view and used a little cheat I've done before.  I taped my drop cloth fabric
over my laptop screen and very lightly traced the image with a fine tip marker.

I'm not recommending this...I'm just telling you how I do it...
it's your laptop...

I traced, removed the fabric to a flat surface and filled everything in with black markers -- how easy was that?  I like the "drawn on" look, myself.

Back at the computer, I typed "Jack" into a document, enlarged it to fit and cheated again by tracing directly from the screen.

I will say this all works best when done in a dark-ish room.

I drew a border with a marker around the edge.


There you have it -- 

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