Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Adele Sew-Along Day 5

Pin It Hi there!  It's day 5 and I'm sure you've noticed by now I'm not exactly following the instructions in your patterns.  I hope it's not confusing, I just want to show you all some variations to the pattern and let you show me some too.  So far, good work!  I'm loving all the pretty bodices you've posted.  Thanks so much for sharing!

Let's get started...

 Before trimming and clipping, hold the bodice up to a window for a (free) x-ray like look, making sure the edge of the tie is free of the armhole stitching.



Embellish the collar...
Here are a few ideas.  Show me what you have!

We'll pick another winner today.  Good luck, all!

Visit RJ's facebook page to ask questions and leave comments.  Feel free to jump right in.

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  1. Is there a link somewhere on your blog to your Facebook page? I know I've liked it but finding it on my timeline at times is tough because of all the others. Help?

    I sent you an email two days ago and wonder if possibly it got lost somewhere. You may be busy with the sew along so possibly you haven't gotten to mine yet. I asked a question about the Adele pattern before I buy it. Hopefully it's still on sale. Thank you.


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