Thursday, June 13, 2013

Adele Sew-Along Day 6

Pin It Day 6! Yes!  Today we'll work on the apron (if you're adding one) and the skirt.  


There are so many cute variations when it comes to the apron.  You can use the measurements found *HERE* for purchased yardage or upcycle. Here are a couple of examples of upcycled aprons.

Perfect! Just hem the sides. 

Great button front detail.

All three of these aprons were cut using the original hem so they can be curved or ruffled or whatever and cut the width indicated for the size you're making.  

The sides were hemmed by pressing 1/4" to the wrong side then turning another 3/4" to the wrong side and stitching along the edge.  It isn't just a time saver.  It also adds interest to the apron.

 . . . . . . . . . . . .

This apron with its cute little ruffle is the apron I thought I'd demo today.  If you make an apron with the ruffle like this, you probably won't want to add the ruffle to the bottom of the dress.  I think it might be too much but you could always prove me wrong. :O)

I'd follow one of my least favorite quotes, though - "less is more".

I cut the apron using the measurements given, hemmed the sides first and then the bottom.  I used a method of marking a straight line (faster and easier than using a fabric market) that I use all the time.  It's hard to see in the picture but you get a very nice, sharp line that's easy to follow.


 Now for the ruffle

There is a ruffle tutorial already included in the pattern that uses a long tube to make the ruffle. 

I like the tube method.  But, it can be thick, so some people prefer to make the ruffle out of a single thickness and either narrow hem or serge the raw edges.  

My little ruffle secret

Watch this video and then I'll give you the sordid details.... 

 I have been using this quick fix for making ruffles for years.  I really can't remember the last time I used any other method to gather a ruffle (I fake it in my pattern instructions) and can't imagine that I ever will. 

This takes some practice, I admit, but there isn't anything complicated about it.  

I use 2 X's the length and add a little extra to make a ruffle.  I'd rather end up with a little extra ruffle - better too long than too short.  I have this down to a fine art and can't remember the last time I didn't end up with the correct amount of ruffle. 

I'm thinking I might not should have said that out loud...

I'm going to gather my skirt waist the same way for you (you're cringing) and it'll come out just right, too.  

...just sayin'.

Now that you've recovered from the shock, here's the video gathering the waistline.  I use a seam ripper when gathering along the edge of a raffle instead of down the middle.

I used the front of my shirt for the back (cute button back) and the back of the shirt as the front.

 . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Don't want an apron?  Here's a pic of Adele with my Hobo pocket.  If you want the Hobo pattern and Tutorial, just email me at and I'll send it to you!

Questions or comments?  Meet me back at RJ's facebook.  

They'll be another winner today! Pin It

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